Death Does Not Silence The Voices

This prompt grows out of a Nanowrimo word sprint dare from our “Sprint to the Finish” party at the Bixby Library. As many people were finishing up their novels, I gathered a few prompts that were more focused on fiction writing (and pantsers in particular), but I also adapted them for poets writing in our […]

NaNoWriMo and Chapbook Challenges

NOVEMBER Well, it’s November, which means NaNoWriMo has begun. The library is participating as a Come Write In location, and we’re offering a few writing programs to help spur our local writers. I’m also a huge fan of Robert Lee Brewer’s Poem a Day Chapbook Challenge that he hosts a few times a year on […]

Writing Week (5)

Camp Nanowrimo month is almost over! So, we’re approaching the end of our “production” phase for this summer’s workshop. During Thursday’s session, we spent a lot of time listening to what people have written so far, giving a little feedback, and writing more! PERFECTIONISM For those writers who haven’t been as productive as they had […]

Unstick Your Project (4)

It’s easy to get stuck on a project. The morass of writer’s block is especially threatening in the midst of a sprint like Nanowrimo. There are a few strategies to prevent, heal, or steamroll this danger, though. So don’t worry. PREPARATION A lot of anxiety and unproductive hours can be circumvented with preparation. Banishing your […]

Concrete Details (2)

The second session of our Eight Weeks to a Book Object Writing Workshop at the Bixby Library marked a return to full strength in participants. WARMUP Our first exercise of the night was a warmup exercise to help getting our brains in writing mode. With a three minute timer, we each listed as many words […]

Final Nanowrimo Update!

NANO RECAP The end of November has arrived and so the end of our official word counts. Our little group at the Bixby Library accounted for 191,474 words on our foray. Three of us managed to “win” the event. We had a fantastic wrap-up event on Wednesday. Five of us journeyed on a final word […]

Nanowrimo Writing Session #4

This week is just a quick update on our small group writing session that happened the night before Thanksgiving. As a whole our group is up to almost 170,000 words. We are within striking distance of 200,000, which would be very impressive for a group of seven of us. This was our first word sprint, […]