Eight Weeks to a Book Object (1)

So it begins! Our summer workshop will step through the process of a writing project. We’ve got eight weeks to create a book object. That means by August 17th, each of us will have created from start to finish a book that we can give as a gift or keep as a souvenir of our […]

Nanowrimo Writing Session 1

Last night was our first open writing session at the Bixby for Nanowrimo. We’re off to a great start even with a few writers feeling under the weather and recovering from other things. Inevitably, we will each get stuck at some point this month. For me, I started off pretty stuck and in a bad […]

Scene Construction: Nanoprep #5

Here’s our final preparation session for next month’s Nanowrimo. The content is a recap of my weekly writing workshop at the Bixby Library in Vergennes, VT. Following at home, if you’d like Building Blocks of Writing You’re going to write your novel using a combination of these building blocks: exposition, dialogue, summary, and description. Your […]

Characters and Conflict: Nanoprep #4

It’s our fourth session of nanoprep in the next recap of the Bixby Library Thursday writing workshop. This week we talk character creation. Keep preparing for Nanowrimo with us! Approaching Character Many approaches to character exist, and you are likely to employ a variety even within one project. Characters bring alive the conflict and thereby the […]

Beat Sheets: Nanoprep #2

Here’s our second recap of writing workshop activities from the Bixby Library. Really this post is #1a since we discussed beat sheets on the same night as one sheets, but it’s enough info for a second post. Our second installment of preparation for Nanowrimo! Whatsa Beat Sheet? “Beat sheet” is a term I’ve appropriated from […]