Index Your Life

I’ve been working through a training course in indexing lately, so the organization and presentation of information has been on my mind. I have to run with it whenever I recognize that something has captured my attention in such a way, so this week’s prompt is drawn from this recent preocupation. Tables of contents and […]

NaNoWriMo and Chapbook Challenges

NOVEMBER Well, it’s November, which means NaNoWriMo has begun. The library is participating as a Come Write In location, and we’re offering a few writing programs to help spur our local writers. I’m also a huge fan of Robert Lee Brewer’s Poem a Day Chapbook Challenge that he hosts a few times a year on […]

Textures: Fur, Fuzz, Cold Sheet Steel

Apologies for not posting these last few weeks. The burden of planning programming at the library is heavy on my mind. Still, the workshops at the library continue to be successful. AND Nanowrimo is coming in only a few days! I had been considering either another long narrative project for November or some version of […]

Library Newsletter: Flags, Free Speech, and Conversation

I was surprised and relieved back in August, when I read a Front Porch Forum message expressing a neighbor’s feelings of being offended by two flags flown on private property in Vergennes. I, too, had noticed the flags a day or two earlier, been struck by a turmoil of offense, confusion, and wonder at why […]

Slippery “Not”

Check out Anne Michaels’s “Not.” As the title presages, the poem is structured around the word “not.” Michaels repeats the word throughout, creating a slippery elusiveness to the language. A sense of playfulness and foreboding simmers behind this repetition. But the insistence of the repetition also avoids any nihilistic sense you might expect from the negative. […]

Maps and Writing

Maps have a long history of inspiring. One of my favorite concepts comes from ancient maps. You know, the kind with sea monsters in the boarders. These undefined areas are where borders (the map-kind and the personal-kind) get blurred, and as a result, all those fascinating hybrid monsters are created. Half-snake, half-fish. Half-eagle, half-lion. Half-horse, […]

Obvious Fuel

David Weinstock suggests in Maps and Voyages, “Greet the obvious.” A writer highlights what is right in front of our collective noses and invigorates those details to which the rest of us have become numb. PROMPT Look around you and notice the what is there, the objects and colors we look past. Inhale and smell the […]