What is Revising? (6)

Our writing workshop group at the Bixby Library embarked collectively on individual writing projects several weeks ago. Each writer has produced a respectable amount of work to this end, and each seems to feel as though they want to write more. No one has a complete draft yet, so we plan to continue to write […]

Writing Week (5)

Camp Nanowrimo month is almost over! So, we’re approaching the end of our “production” phase for this summer’s workshop. During Thursday’s session, we spent a lot of time listening to what people have written so far, giving a little feedback, and writing more! PERFECTIONISM For those writers who haven’t been as productive as they had […]

Unstick Your Project (4)

It’s easy to get stuck on a project. The morass of writer’s block is especially threatening in the midst of a sprint like Nanowrimo. There are a few strategies to prevent, heal, or steamroll this danger, though. So don’t worry. PREPARATION A lot of anxiety and unproductive hours can be circumvented with preparation. Banishing your […]

Structure for Short Projects (3)

There are lots of ways to organize structure in your writing projects. You could indefinitely enable your procrastination habit just by doing research on structure. So, I’ll try to keep this a fairly short post and still give you a few interpretation. Structure can apply to just about any form of writing, although some forms, […]

Concrete Details (2)

The second session of our Eight Weeks to a Book Object Writing Workshop at the Bixby Library marked a return to full strength in participants. WARMUP Our first exercise of the night was a warmup exercise to help getting our brains in writing mode. With a three minute timer, we each listed as many words […]

Eight Weeks to a Book Object (1)

So it begins! Our summer workshop will step through the process of a writing project. We’ve got eight weeks to create a book object. That means by August 17th, each of us will have created from start to finish a book that we can give as a gift or keep as a souvenir of our […]

Voices in the Crowd

It was an engaging conversation at the Bixby Library writing workshop last night. Starting with some comments about the effectiveness of workshops relative to the diversity of voices involved, we ranged to memory and the body as landscape, and discussed briefly the ways word choice, syntax, and grammar can express character. FOUR-MINUTE DIARY We used […]