Daily Detail for Poems

Wow! We’ve had an overwhelming number of responses to our Memoir Writing 101 class at the Bixby. As a result, half the writers will meet Tuesdays from 3-5pm, and the other half will meet Thursdays 6-8pm. ZIG ZAG AND OTTER CREEK POETS The founders of Zig Zag Lit Mag visited the long running Otter Creek Poets […]

Workin’ On Poems

Next week marks the first week of Memoir Writing 101 at the Bixby Library. That means I won’t be leading the workshop for at least eight weeks, but don’t worry! I’ll still be posting some guidance and inspiration for writers at the usual time each week. I envision more time for my writing, and we […]

Poetry in the Round

With a few new faces this week at the Bixby Library workshop, I went back to my favorite writing topic: poetry. What poetry is, how to read poetry, and why poetry enriches life are things I enjoy discussing with the uninitiated. Here is an essay I wrote for the library newsletter following last April’s Poetry Month […]

Book Recommendation: The Private Eye

Brian K. Vaughan, Marcos Martin, and Muntsa Vicente collaborated to bring The Private Eye first as a serial pdf comic delivered on panelsyndicate.com in 2015. I serendipitously purchased the beautiful hardcover print book from Image Comics this past month for the library collection. Boy am I glad that I did, too. The story share elements with classic […]

Nanowrimo Writing Session #2

It’s already the second week of Nanowrimo, and we’re deep in the second week’s slump. For our group’s second shared writing time, we’re using a prompt to spur our efforts. Already, the group has accomplished enough to be proud of themselves. More than 50,000 words in little more than a week! They’ve prepared and planned […]

Scene Construction: Nanoprep #5

Here’s our final preparation session for next month’s Nanowrimo. The content is a recap of my weekly writing workshop at the Bixby Library in Vergennes, VT. Following at home, if you’d like Building Blocks of Writing You’re going to write your novel using a combination of these building blocks: exposition, dialogue, summary, and description. Your […]