Library Newsletter: Flags, Free Speech, and Conversation

I was surprised and relieved back in August, when I read a Front Porch Forum message expressing a neighbor’s feelings of being offended by two flags flown on private property in Vergennes. I, too, had noticed the flags a day or two earlier, been struck by a turmoil of offense, confusion, and wonder at why […]

Library Newsletter: Democracy and the Library

This essay was published in the Bixby Buzz newsletter in November, and carried by the Addison Independent in their Community Forum column. “We know that censorship, ignorance, and manipulation are the tools of tyrants and profiteers.” So states the American Library Association’s (ALA) “The Universal Right to Free Expression,” a support document for the ALA “Library […]

Library Newsletter Series

I’ve recently been writing a monthly column for my library’s newsletter. The topics are library-world related, and also a place for me to think through some of the exciting developments in and around the Bixby Library. Since this website is a showcase of my “work” it might be appropriate to share some of those columns here. […]