Ghosts from the Past

It’s the beginning of a new year for some of us, and as days start to get longer, these weeks sometimes feel magically timeless. Old memories visit, new memories slowly compile, and I often experience a shivering sensation of mental states long past.

It’s the perfect time to examine where you want to go in the coming months. Check back to my posts from early 2017 for some additional ideas on how to prepare for success in 2018. Our prompt for tonight will attempt to channel voices in the past to focus on unsatisfied desires.


Set your timer for ten minutes, and think back to your past. Imagine you are visited by a ghost in the stillness of a cold night. The ghost might have the voice of a friend from long ago, a past-self, or a childhood hero. What would this voice tell you that you have forgotten about yourself? Write what the ghost says to you for ten minutes. Then, use that writing to create a story or essay or poem about the depths of winter.