Death Does Not Silence The Voices

This prompt grows out of a Nanowrimo word sprint dare from our “Sprint to the Finish” party at the Bixby Library. As many people were finishing up their novels, I gathered a few prompts that were more focused on fiction writing (and pantsers in particular), but I also adapted them for poets writing in our space, as well.


The prompt for fiction writing is to kill off the character that you thought was your hero. Obviously, this plot point is more of a trick than a necessary technique to employ in writing a novel, but sometimes a mental exercise can unleash new solutions. And sometimes, you’re just writing about the wrong character, and since NaNoWriMo is about getting that first draft down on paper (and if we’re realistic about word counts, it’s really about getting PART of a draft down on paper), your second draft might be that much better if it ends up focused on someone else. But not always! Just give it try and see what happens

For poets, write a poem that imagines the message that went unsaid from someone you knew (or knew of) who has died. What did they want to say but never spoke out loud?

Keep writing!