Index Your Life

I’ve been working through a training course in indexing lately, so the organization and presentation of information has been on my mind. I have to run with it whenever I recognize that something has captured my attention in such a way, so this week’s prompt is drawn from this recent preocupation.

Tables of contents and indexes are ways of facilitating access to information. Usually the information that is being accessed is in a book or other published form and consequently is a discrete piece of content. Both structures function a little like roadmaps, pointing a reader to the information that is most interesting or relevant to their current need. Can you write a poem that points a reader to pieces (passions, formative experiences, objects of fear, time periods) of your life? What has characterized your experiences during the varying times of you life so far?


Write a poem that borrows structure from either a table of contents layout or an index layout. Look at a book if you need a reminder what either looks like. Modify that structure as you need to and insert your own take on the information that is presented there, or just use the road map idea as inspiration.

Keep writing!