Library Newsletter: Thrive, Nourish, Delight at the Library

How often do you feel like you have a moment to yourself? Not enough? The distractions and commitments of life pile up quickly and can distract us from pursuits and activities that enrich our lives. Our library is committed to helping regain some of those enriching rewards: learning new skills and knowledge, discovering the wonderful mysteries in our universe, engaging with the world, your neighbors, and your passions.

It’s been delightful to foster and observe small niche communities spring up around the library in the three years I’ve been working at the Bixby. Our writing communities are thriving, the library’s book discussion group is growing (we also help a handful of other groups source their books), and each month at our cultural event series, I see familiar, friendly faces and meet new people.

Our programming calendar is growing and, although that growth means an increased pace of work and greater volume of organizational tasks for me, the pay off is that more people engage in learning activities and discussions at the library, discover hidden talents in their neighbors, and share knowledge, skills, or hobbies. All of these things even more firmly embed the library itself as a community center.

I recognize there are lots of draws in this small city with which the library competes. There’s great food, locally made beer (and wine, too, but I’m a brewer myself), art galleries, artist studios, yoga studios, breathtaking views, and the beautiful falls. The potential for partnerships with these great resources is an opportunity I savor. Our library is one of the great architectural treasures in the state, if not all of New England, and I’m incredibly excited to be a part of enlivening the activities set in this building.

My immediate objective for library programs is to continue to invigorate and delight the citizens of our five towns. My hope is for the library to be a home for sharing–sharing learning experiences, sharing community, sharing knowledge, sharing skills. The library is a place where you can hear thought-provoking, expert speakers, like Charlie Nardozzi this past week, and a place where your neighbors share their passions, like in June when I will discuss the myriad fermentation practices that I enjoy in my free time (kimchi, kombucha, beer, and more!)

I hope that many of you will be interested and willing to partner with the library to share you expertise, skills, and talents in order to engage your neighbors and friends, and that you will come to the library to enjoy our many programs. Taking a few moments to attend a program at the library can help you to break that constant stream of rushing, to reconnect with people in person, to engage in the act of learning, and to feel delight.