Book Recommendation: On Tyranny

Timothy Snyder’s timely and apt treatise On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century urges us all to action. Snyder’s expertise on European history is the basis of this book, and his writing briefly elucidates details that illuminate his suggestions.

At its core, the book suggests that the reader be a responsible citizen of our democratic republic, and Snyder organizes his book into twenty relevant actions to take when tyranny threatens from the barn yard and the history from which the lesson is taken. From the obvious, “Beware the One-Party State,” to the necessary, “Investigate,” to the at least at first oblique, “Be a Patriot” (which begins with a list of what patriotism is not taken item by item from our current president’s shenanigans–he’s never referred to by name, interestingly), Snyder’s steps are logical and seem bent on created a more connected, inclusive, thoughtful, and responsibly active citizenry.

Few books have made me more excited to read more often while simultaneously inspiring me to get out of my chair to meet new people. Read it!