Final Nanowrimo Update!


The end of November has arrived and so the end of our official word counts. Our little group at the Bixby Library accounted for 191,474 words on our foray. Three of us managed to “win” the event.

We had a fantastic wrap-up event on Wednesday. Five of us journeyed on a final word sprint, and then we celebrated at a fine local eatery with half-priced burgers! I’m incredibly grateful for the adventureness, courage, and resolve of the writers who have joined me on this venture over the last 30 days. Even more exciting is the prospect of continuing to work with these impressive creators in the future.


Taking your creative dreams seriously enough to commit to an endeavor like Nanowrimo is more than many dreamers can do. Even if you didn’t accomplish your word goal, give yourself credit for beginning. Forgive yourself, too. That forgiveness is vital to creators. especially stuck creators, achieving their goals. Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way is the best book out there on that topic, and it recently received an update with a new edition coming to print this past October.


Now that the grand push for words is over, I’ll have a little more time to devote to creating new content for this blog, so stay tuned for some writing ideas in the next few weeks.

Check out one of my other projects at and if you’re creating somewhere around Addison County, submit something! Our submissions window for our Spring issue will be open until January 15th.

Keep writing!