Thanks for reading my first post.

Who am I?

I am a poet, librarian, indexer, gardener. Each time I write the list it changes a bit and reflects how I viewing myself in that moment. I’ve been cultivating my self-discovery and -trust these last few months, and I have finally come to the point of launching an online presence for my professional-writer self.

What is this site?

This will be my literary hub online. I lead writing workshops, readings, discussion, and I will link some of the content from those sessions to this site. I will include some samples of other types of work I’ve done, and share some new content, too.

Where can I find out more?

Here’s a link to a project I’ve been working on, a literary magazine that I helped to found and edit: zigzaglitmag.org

Or check out my about page or contact me with your specific questions.